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I started as opencart developer in 2012 with my first project that was a local computer electronics shop.

That shop was already built on .net and extremely difficult to manage.

So client asked for a better solution and I started with opencart on the advise of my mentor.

I did migration of data and front end customization to make order process easier and many other changes to match client needs.

That version of Opencart was 1.5.6 and now the latest version of 3.1 is about to come.

Opencart has gone a number of changes in its core to compete opensource platforms out in the market.

I will like to share the roadmap for new developers if they want to start opencart development.

So actually you have two main options

  1. Plugin Development
  2. Theme Development

If you visit Opencart Marketplace , you will find a number of paid plugins right now around 12 thousand plugins.

Each priced from at least 20$.

So going with Opencart Plugin Development Career Can be a good choice.

Similarly this marketplace include themes that are paid and the number of themes is 1300 .

So if you want to choose opencart development career there is huge scope if you come up with a good product either theme or plugin.

Themeforest also have around 873 Opencart themes and authors have made millions from it.

Best Seller Theme Journal made 20.4 Thousand Sales from Themeforest.