Opencart Modules System Explained – Lecture 2

Opencart module independent piece of code that appear on front-end like WordPress widgets.  For example a slideshow can be shown on homepage product page or category page. so slideshow is actually a module that can be configured from admin panel .

Light slideshow there is a panel module and an HTML modules that can be set on any page so modules are basically meant for displaying something on different pages on the front end.  

Module can be activated and deactivated, module can be set in different areas of a page opencart allows you to place module in four different positions on a page.

  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. Left
  4. Right
Opencart slideshow module active on homepage layout in top section with sort 1

Opencart slideshow module active on homepage layout in bottom section
Opencart Category and banner module active on product layout in left section

Opencart  three modules are already activated on homepage.

  1. Product page
  2. Account page.
  3. Home page

On homepage these three modules are activated by default.

  1. Slideshow module
  2. Featured products
  3. Manufacturer carousel

The position of modules on homepage are only top and bottom no left or right module is displayed by default on homepage. However we can set module in left and right position and then the page contents will be divided into 3 sections left, right and the middle one.

Middle one will have the content of top and bottom position modules.

Opencart layout system is  intelligent, if no right or left Position module is active the whole space is given to the top or bottom modules.

If just left is active then the rest of space is given to the top and bottom similarly if right is active it will give the 75% space to the top and bottom modules.

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